Empanada Prices:

Each: $2.49
Pick 3: $5.99
Pick 6: $12.59
Pick 9: $18.89
Pick 12: $24.66
  • A – San Telmo Carne

    Ground Beef, Onion, Green Bell Pepper, Seasoned with Traditional Argentine Spices

  • B – San Telmo Pollo

    Chicken, onions, bell peppers, seasoned with traditional Argentinian spice.

  • C – Vegetarian San Telmo Carne

    Pea protein meat substitute, onion, bell pepper, seasoned with traditional Argentine spices

  • D – Chicken Jalapeno

    Blend of seasoned chicken, red bell pepper, jalapeno, and mozzerella

  • E – Spinach Mushroom Manicotti

    Sauteed spinach, mushrooms, onions, garlic, mixed with seasoned ricotta cheese

  • G – Cheese and Corn

    Blend of mozzerella. corn, and spices

  • H – Bean and Corn

    Vegetarian refried beans, rice, salsa, and cheddar 

  • F – Mushroom Thyme

    Mushroom, rice, onion, thyme, and gorgonzola cheese

  • I – Roasted Chicken

    Chicken, roasted garlic, red bell pepper, and cheddar

  • J – Pepperoni

    Blend of pepperoni, mozzerella, and red sauce

  • K – Sausage

    Blend of sausage, mozzerella, and red sauce

  • L – Sausage Manicotti

    Sauteed sausage, onion, garlic, and seasoned ricotta cheese

  • M – Inferno Chicken

    Chicken, red bell pepper, mozzerella, and spicy chili sauce

  • R – BBQ Pork

    Slow roasted pork, with green pepper, and onion

  • V – Potato Cheddar

    Mashed potatoes, green onion, roasted garlic, and cheddar